The Ex by Diane Saxon Blog Tour – Review

A fabulous review of The Ex

Bookish Jottings

As a heat wave grips the country, DS Jenna Morgan is called to a domestic incident at the home of a young family in Ironbridge.
Pregnant Imelda Cheetham-Epstein has been found unconscious by her husband, Zak with serious head injuries.
When Jenna arrives on the scene, she discovers something even more disturbing – the couple’s eleven-month-old son, Joshua, is missing and the race against time begins to find him.
Is this an accident or something more sinister?
Are the two incidents linked?

Or has something in the Cheetham-Epstein’s past caught up with them?


A nail-biting crime drama that skillfully blends tension, menace and suspense, Diane Saxon’s The Ex is sure to satisfy fans of psychological thrillers and police procedurals alike.

In the middle of a heat wave, DS Jenna Morgan is called to a domestic incident at the home of a young family in the town of Ironbridge. Having…

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Hard candy, anyone?

Rosanna Leo

You know those old folks one encounters in movie theaters, the ones who always seem to be unwrapping hard candies?


Of course, you know them. Just as soon as the movie hero is about to reveal the great secret in his past, the one that will determine the movie’s outcome, those pensioners usually pipe up in loud voices.

“What did he say, Henry? No, I didn’t wear my hearing aid. It makes everything too damn loud.” (Unwrap, unwrap, unwrap)

Yeah, those folks. Well, I mean no disrespect. The whole point of this post is I’m starting to feel a strange affinity for the older generations. God bless ’em.

I guess you could say I’m starting to feel my age and it’s been getting me down this week.

Now I’m sure you’re protesting as you read this. “But surely Rosanna is barely thirty years old! How can she possibly be feeling…

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Here be Dragons. Day 12. The Celtic Dragon.

Nothing more romantic than a dragon who can recite poetry.

Daisy Banks Blog


Welcome to Here be Dragons Day 12.

Release day for Serving the Serpent is edging closer and so today I wanted to spend a little time looking at Celtic dragon lore and legend. My dragons in Serving the Serpent have many of the qualities of Celtic dragons, understandable I suppose as those dragon stories were ones I read or heard in my early years.

dragon treasure

Celtic dragons are fearsome beasts with four legs, a long tail and the power to breath fire or poisonous gas at their foes. They come in various colours but all of them are fierce and determined. Each dragon collects a hoard of treasure. In many legends the dragon sleeps on a bed of gold and gems.

In the UK dragons are often associated with the land; even the rocks are sometimes called the bones of the dragon. I am sure you remember the scene in Excalibur…

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Here be Dragons. Day 10. What do dragons like?

Daisy Banks Blog


Welcome to Day 10 of Here be Dragons.

What is it that Dragons like? As I’ve been looking into dragons so much recently and of course, while I wrote my dragon story, several things that dragons enjoy became clear. At least for Northern dragons I’m not quite so sure of the Eastern sort.
Northern dragons it would seem like meat. The devour sheep and shepherds, cattle and drovers, whole villages and towns, and most of all beautiful girls. They eat offered girls, ones who they stumble upon, and especially they like the taste of a ripe princess.
The earliest reference to this goes back to ancient Egypt, where Seth in the disguise of a dragon that looked just like a huge Nile crocodile, was set on gnawing his way through a lovely virgin princess. The spark of life Horus, in the guise of a huge falcon, prevented evil Seth from…

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Paranromal Romance Thursday. Kim Kasch and The Viking Princess.

Daisy Banks Blog

Paranormal Romance Tour

Welcome to Paranormal Romance Thursday and my guest today is Kim Kasch with her her historical story The Viking Princess.

Welcome Kim.


Click the cover to buy.


Most everyone who searches for tales of the middle ages and seeks out stories of Knights and battles, castles and magical swords only hears the stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table but there is an entire world full of rich stories and other countries who hold their legendary heroes in just such high regard. This is one such story.
And, if you could read English, French and Danish, you would be able to see that this story is merely one slice from the rich tapestry of tales that have been woven together throughout history.
The Viking Princess is the story of the legendary romance between King Arthur’s half-sister, Morgaine Le Fay, and her epic lover, the heroic…

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Here be Dragons. Day 7 A little taster for you.

Daisy Banks Blog


Here be Dragons.

Today I have a tiny excerpt from my forthcoming book

Serving the Serpent.


In Wales, Ceridwyn takes up her inherited duty to care for the dragons in the mountains. Awed by them and the huge book about them, she is determined to prove her worth.
Far away in Norway, Leif has growing concerns for his sick dragon. He discovers only one cure will stop his dragon’s suffering. The mighty Herensuge must journey to find his bonded mate.
When they meet, Ceri and Leif make combined efforts to aid the dragons and discover an astonishing surprise. The great lore book each of them protects tells they have a responsibility to the future. At this rare and magical time, not only the dragon pairing must occur.
Join Ceri and Leif as they work to keep the sworn silence and keep the dragons safe. Friendship is growing between…

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Diane Saxon. Banshee Seduction.

Rosanna Leo

What a pleasure it is to welcome Diane Saxon today. She’s been a guest at my blog before and I’m so pleased to help her celebrate her latest release, Banshee Seduction. This book easily has one of the hottest covers I’ve seen in a long time and I know the story will be just as wonderful.

Welcome Diane!




Sweet, shy librarian Ginny has a problem. Whenever passion strikes, so do the weeping, wailing voices in her head. Being half banshee, she’s already run screaming from the underworld and her female relatives, believing love will find a way with patience and faith on planet Earth.

The trouble is, humans just aren’t man enough, and every time Ginny shows interest in a male, she makes him bleed. It’s going to take more than just a simple human being to get past Ginny’s defenses.

Matthew, “The Dane,” fullback for the…

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