Here be Dragons. Day 10. What do dragons like?

Daisy Banks Blog


Welcome to Day 10 of Here be Dragons.

What is it that Dragons like? As I’ve been looking into dragons so much recently and of course, while I wrote my dragon story, several things that dragons enjoy became clear. At least for Northern dragons I’m not quite so sure of the Eastern sort.
Northern dragons it would seem like meat. The devour sheep and shepherds, cattle and drovers, whole villages and towns, and most of all beautiful girls. They eat offered girls, ones who they stumble upon, and especially they like the taste of a ripe princess.
The earliest reference to this goes back to ancient Egypt, where Seth in the disguise of a dragon that looked just like a huge Nile crocodile, was set on gnawing his way through a lovely virgin princess. The spark of life Horus, in the guise of a huge falcon, prevented evil Seth from…

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