Here be Dragons. Day 12. The Celtic Dragon.

Nothing more romantic than a dragon who can recite poetry.

Daisy Banks Blog


Welcome to Here be Dragons Day 12.

Release day for Serving the Serpent is edging closer and so today I wanted to spend a little time looking at Celtic dragon lore and legend. My dragons in Serving the Serpent have many of the qualities of Celtic dragons, understandable I suppose as those dragon stories were ones I read or heard in my early years.

dragon treasure

Celtic dragons are fearsome beasts with four legs, a long tail and the power to breath fire or poisonous gas at their foes. They come in various colours but all of them are fierce and determined. Each dragon collects a hoard of treasure. In many legends the dragon sleeps on a bed of gold and gems.

In the UK dragons are often associated with the land; even the rocks are sometimes called the bones of the dragon. I am sure you remember the scene in Excalibur…

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